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Ejimbea Golden Ubachukwu
now this is the reply i've been keen to hear from a responsible ur talking. first i want u to trust me,secondly i'm geniune, 3rd-ly its a very high profiled top secret mission ; thus u must not seek info outside my source, u must always wait on my message(command), u must not disclose this to anyone not even ur twin,friend,family relation,parents,or spouse(also talking about this text), least but not the last u must live and behave like u dont know anything concerning this project and me or anything i will disclose to u latter on , i dont exist not even the project. ur job is an easy one please if u agree with the above terms/rules reply and send me ur basic (real) in e.g fullname,sex,age,state,ipob unit etc.

Yesterday at 6:39pm • Sent from Mobile

"Biafrans" I believe this is one of the message some of our missing Biafran youths received before their sudden disappearance because of their hunger and test for arms in other to defend our beloved nation Biafra land, please if you have received this kind of message on your facebook or other social media, just know that you're in the net of Buhari dss secret killers. As UN will not do anything to save you, and this is one of the reason our director mazi Nnamdi Kanu ask every Biafran to join IPOB anywhere you find your selves to avoid this kind of traceless disappearance, and only your coordinator deserve to no your personal details.

Divine Rich

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2 лет назад перевести

We are advanced, many of us were not born during the war, but we are coming! It is true and nice that the Zoo do not know what to expect, that is one of our strengths.

Our people; Biafrans should always remember to stick together just like the proverbial "broom". We shall win this war. Endeavor to do more than you speak. Chukwu Okike Abiama is our ultimate strength. At the end, Biafra shall come.

God bless #Biafra

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