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Sorry, Lord. Since a lot of Zamorakians are divided about whether or not you should adopt this decision, I don’t believe Iorworth will permit it.... Iorworth. Who would have thought that I could? I'll just soak up Seren's force from afar. There must be a perfect location. Perhaps Movario can provide you with the information. All I need to do is find the coward.

Wow for an outlander. The question is, why did you made the journey to Solar Isle? I have come seeking a membership in the Solar Tribe. If you wish to join us, you have to kill the Ethernal Gaurdians. They reside deep beneath the Solar Dungeon, as well as inside the Lunar Tunnels. There is only one method to rid the world of Ethernal Gaurdians.

The only way to kill an Enthernal Guardian is by making an enchanted posion and then rubbing it onto an Sunrisen Staff, obtained from the chest of the sun's setting. To climb the Steep Rockslide (which requires 45 Agility), go around the Cheiftan's hut. Follow the path to two massive boulders that are to your east. There isn't any way to clear these boulders. So head the other way on the path, and then climb up the Barren Sandslide, It will require the level 55 of Agility to climb. The final destination is Dakrayial Beach if you climb it.

There are two kinds of shrubs. On one grows the deadly Ecliptic Herb. After picking it, you'll be put in a position. If you're chosen, the posion drains your prayers and may range from 2-8. The white herb grows on other. It will cure posion, and will increase your prayer by 2 for the next five minutes. Next, you should talk to A sunburned Wanderer who is walking on the beach.

What's the problem? My skin is in pain... My skin hurts... Climb back down to the docks. There is East Solar Isle if you head to the east. Look through the homes here until you find An Old Druid. Speak with the Druid.

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