NBA 2K22 is a new addition to the NBA 2K series

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Originally created with similarities to games such as NBA Jam or NBA Streets, NBA Playgrounds is designed to be primarily an arcade basketball game offering a roster comprised of present and former NBA stars. The player has to fill with the names of these stars through different packs within the game, which come through game modes across NBA Playgrounds. The game came out with mixed reception, and it was criticized due to the slow speed of the single-player mode, and also for poor drop rates from the packs of cards.

After slowly gaining enough sales, NBA Playgrounds eventually received an update. After a lengthy delay the sequel came out in 2018. It played much like the first game, but with certain changes and improvements. The most notable improvements included better online matchmaking, new playground options along with other changes. Despite the additions and improvements but, the game was heavily critiqued for its aggressive microtransactions. A practice that is fast becoming synonymous with contemporary sports games.

NBA 2K20 is a new addition to the NBA 2K series. It offers many customizable settings that can be adapted to various game modes. The game lets players create six expansion teams within the game modes MyLeague or MyGM. The teams can be moved at any time the player wishes. This series also features the debut appearance of WNBA teams. However, NBA 2K20 was also highly criticized for its extensive use of microtransactions within the MyTeam game mode.

NBA 2K19 is the first game in the series not made available for Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3. NBA 2K19 is also the first game in the series with an CBA Mandarin Chinese option for the commentary in career mode.

Despite offering numerous enhancements to gameplay it was compared to its predecessor the game received a lot of criticism from players. Like its predecessor, microtransactions left a bad taste in many players' minds and led to a lot of criticism.

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