RuneScape allows you to simulate job interviews

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Through Runescape, I found other Jagex games like funorb. I haven't played them as much as runescape though. They're not that important, therefore I'm not sure whether they're in the game. But I will be able to remember them in the event that I need to.

Here is a bonus one about the way these forums (or at the very least two members of the forum) affected my life. In 2006 I was asked to create an account with four letters. I really had no idea what to put down so I decided that the first four letter phrase I thought of was my password. Whatever the reason, it was turned out to be Yuanrang (from Yuanrang). While Yuan can also be a currency, I didn't think of it that way.

After a few months, I noticed it was too difficult to enter. I changed the password to dani (from Danijerika, now called Arianna). This password/account was one I had used for a long time however I don't use it. I frequently consider what I am thinking of when I think of yuan prior to four letter phrases the majority of teenagers think of as "bbal" and/or "sexy". They can be major or minor.

RuneScape allows you to simulate job interviews. It prepares you for work in the real world. The game is focused on grinding or what I like to call monotonous repetitive tasks. To get gp you do monotonous repetitive tasks. Then you spend it on fun stuff. You might as well switch it out to get a real job. What do you do in a bakery?

Pouring flour to pour it, press a button. After a while the production manager will instruct that you turn. Then, you'll press the button that allows you to slice bread.

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