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  • About
  • BIAFRA 24 premier English-language broadcast network. By delivering round-the-clock breaking news coverage and informed opinions from across Biafra’s political, business and cultural spectrum via live streaming and satellite television to citizens’ smartphones, tablets and PCs, Biafra 24’s mission is to ‘bring Biafra closer’ to millions of news-seekers, thought leaders, and both Biafra supporters and detractors around the world.

    Featuring a show-host lineup of veteran Biafra journalists and activists, and a daily roster of the nation’s highest caliber guests including politicians, academics, entrepreneurs, and spiritual leaders – in addition to average Biafran of all demographics and faith sets – BIAFRA24 will give listeners/viewers the opportunity to become active participants in Biafra’s robust political and cultural dialogue in real-time.

    Similarly, BIAFRA24 is empowering an alliance of content ambassadors of all ages and religious or politica