If you have any video about the ugly and senseless killings of Biafran people, inhuman events happening in your area, the state of dilapidated buildings, closed industries, abandoned projects, bad roads (death traps), maltreatment of Biafrans by the police and other forces all over the world and or any video you want the world to see about the nefarious activities of politicians and the zoo government to Biafran people; post it on this group or preferably, send it to ipobtv@gmail.com. https://www.facebook.com/groups/357278064481235 . Note: the videos must be in form of a documentary or probably a presentation.

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All the videos about the nefarious activities of evil people in Biafra Land, maltreatment, subjugation and humiliation her people and any video you think will be important to show the world, is what we want on this group.