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Exchange arbitrage OTC P2P.
The most common type of arbitrage trading is exchange arbitrage, which is when a trader buys the same crypto asset in one exchange and sells it in another exchange to make profit.
The TRANSFER of this asset from one exchange to another exchange is what we term as "OVER THE COUNTER" (OTC) trading.
The price of cryptocurrencies can change quickly. If you take a look at the order books for the same asset on different exchanges, you’ll find that the prices are almost never exactly the same at the same time . This is where arbitrage traders come in . They try to exploit these small differences for profit . This, in turn, makes the underlying market more efficient since price stays in a relatively contained range on different trading venues. In this sense, market inefficiencies can mean opportunity.
How does this work in practice? Let’s say there’s a price difference for Bitcoin between Binance and another exchange. If an arbitrage trader sees this, they would want to buy Bitcoin on the exchange with the lower price and sell it on the exchange with the higher price. BUT First, there must be a transfer. That's where OTC comes in.
Of course, the timing and execution would be crucial. Bitcoin is a relatively mature market, and exchange arbitrage opportunities tend to have a very small window of opportunity.
This is how COTP makes money within this small window of opportunity with its Artificial Intelligence which uses High Frequency Trading Technology to match ORDERS and execute them to make profits for you and I.
So COTP is not an investment company but a trading platform with specifics in CRYPTO P2P OR OVER THE COUNTER TRADING
If you don't Trade or Authorize the payment for transaction to begin , you don't make money 💰💰💰
COTP is a blockchain OTC and cryptocurrency exchange platform. We are committed to improving the liquidity of blockchain assets and allowing more people to enter the blockchain industry. We provide users with a more free and safer trading environment, use AI intelligent algorithms to match users with the best orders, and continue to bring you benefits. We focus on building an efficient cryptocurrency exchange platform, and establish cooperation with 3000+ OTC traders around the world. It is currently the world's largest OTC exchange.
Our encrypted transaction system uses a secured transaction mechanism, combined with unique point-to-point transmission technology, real-time clearing engine, smart digital wallet, extremely high network security system, cross-exchange optimal price exchange engine and other blockchain technologies. The AI intelligent algorithm is used to automatically allocate the best order for you. You can automatically complete all operations such as digital currency delivery and two-way acceptance by simply operating authorization. The platform guarantees the transaction for you to ensure the safety of your funds. The real-time clearing engine system will complete all settlements within a few hours, and automatically settle your income and principal to your account.
COTP platform security
Our platform uses KYC ID verification to verify user identity. This verification is done by Jumio Netverify technology to reduce the possibility of fraud and money laundering. It is similar to those used by global cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as bittrex, localbitcoins and cryptopay. COTP does not store user information received from Jumio in order to comply with data confidentiality. The system is responsible for automatically verifying identity.
Operational Documentation
Cryptos OTC Trading Platform Limited. ("Cotp" is generally regulated on both the Federal and State level and the primary regulatory compliance obligations are within the United States. Cotp is required to comply with many financial services and consumer protection laws. On the Federal level, the primary concern is anti-money laundering controls, and proper implementation of Cotp's policies and procedures to deter such activity. Cotp is registered as a Money Services Business with FinCEN - MSB Registration Number: 31000200921695. As an MSB, Cotp is compliant with the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA). On the State level, the primary issues arise around consumer protection and money transmission laws. Cotp is currently applying to obtain money transmitter licenses from multiple States within the United States. Cotp maintains a policy of attempting to broadly disclose to consumers all applicable risks of the service.
US MSB License Inquiry Official Website: https://www.fincen.gov/msb-registrant-search
You can also do your own research about COTP
NOTE: This works best on mobile, but can still be used desktop
1. Register with your mobile number (if you need my ref link, click here:
https://bit.ly/cotp-crypto . Use the referral code 436534.
2. Bind your exchange/wallet receiving USDT-TRC20 address for withdrawals by clicking on "MINE" button first and then "PERSONAL INFORMATION" a. In the "Personal Information" page, create a new "transaction password". This will enable you to process withdrawals
3. Deposit or recharge by going to the "MINE" button again and then click on recharge to copy the USDT-TRC20 deposit address. Minimum deposit/recharge amount is $9
1. Go to the menu buttons below and locate"TRANSACTION HALL"
3. Wait for the system to pick your orders till you see "SELL" BUTTON. Now click on SELL.
4. Click on ☑️ CONFIRM!
Boom 💣...you are done!
5. REPEAT process till your wallet balance is below 5USDT
6. In the next 2 hours, all your funds plus PROFIT will return to your WALLET BALANCE!
⚠️There are 12 TRADING Windows IN EVERY 24 HOURS - if you sell within every single window, this is how you can earn up to 3.6% daily 24/7

MSB Registrant Search | FinCEN.gov


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