U want to be an agent of skybetnaija inbox me, an account will be created in less than half an hour. ...hurry up.


As agents, you register with a non-refundable registration fee of N25,000.00 and can have a maximum of two (2) accounts. You cannot log into the same account on two or more systems. Any attempt to log in with an account that has already logged in will automatically log the first one out.
You cannot register other agents unless you just want to recommend them to the business but you do not get any commission on them. Your commission is 30% of total profit and accounts are also done weekly.


Can I make real money from SkyBetNaija? Do you have a website?

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SkyBetNaija is a sports bookmaker. If you are hearing about the term bookmakers (bookies for short) for the first time, a bookmaker is a company or a person that takes bets and pays winnings depending upon results.
It's all about trading on the results of various sports matches. This depends on the outcome of the matches. Each match and outcome have their own prices (called odds).
We offer a wide range of sports on our platform including football, basketball and tennis and SkyBetNaija platforms.
SkyBetNaija is securely man