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President Muhammadu Buhari’s strategists, if they are at work at all, are chasing ants and ignoring the elephant in the room. They do him ...

In summary, iCharity Club donation plan is the donation from member to member according to respective donation.

iCharity Club donation plan can be simplified as: 1USD= 370NGN

Table below is in USD,
it will be different amount for different currency.
Total Downline Donation Amount (USD) Income (USD)
Grade 1 5 20 100
Grade 2 25 40 1,000
Grade 3 125 80 10,000
Grade 4 625 120 75,000
Grade 5 3,125 200 625,000
Grade 6 15,625 300 4,687,500
Grade 7 78,125 400 31,250,000
Grade 8 390,625 800 312,500,000
Grade 9 1,953,125 1,170 2,285,156,250
Grade 10 9,765,625 1,670 16,308,593,750
Example scenario:

You just upgraded to Grade 2 and donated USD40 to other member
You find 5 new downlines A,B,C,D,E. They are your direct donators Downline Level 1. You will get donation of USD20 from each of them.
You find 5 more interested donators, called F G H I J. Because of your Level 1 is already full, system will auto-place them randomly under A,B,C,D,E. (now F G H I J are your Downline Level 2).
i- when they are upgrading to Grade 1, your Downline Level 2 (F G H I J) will donate USD20 to your Downline Level 1 (A,B,C,D,E).
ii- when they are upgrading to Grade 2, your Downline Level 2 (F G H I J) will donate USD40 to you.
This flow continue up to Grade 10. At this point, you can receive donation from all Levels.
You are advised to upgrade to the higher level then your downlines to avoid missing donation because we will never know when will our next donator will upgrade his/her grade.


Manage members' donation in easy and systematic way.
Free to use for all.