#Nkoli affiliate program was designed to put some money into your pocket for referring other people to register on #Nkoli and sharing the good news of our community. Your affiliate link can be found here https://nkoli.com/setting/affiliates if you are currently logged in. Pro-membership link is https://nkoli.com/go-pro

However, we attach great value to feedback from our community members. In the poll below, kindly indicate your preference on how to earn money for bringing a lot of your friends to register on Nkoli. The result from this poll will be used in our decision making process.

Earn 30 USD for every 1000 people you referred to Nkoli and they registered with profile pictures?
Earn 1 USD for every 1 Pro Member that you referred to Nkoli? Here is the link to pro-packages -> https://goo.gl/RFyNMZ.
80 Total votes