Niger Delta so called leaders to Buhari:

We want oil blocs.

Buhari to Niger Deltans:

Feel free to “Leave Nigeria If You Have Another Country”

Stop deceiving Nigerian with your movie with Traditional leaders. They have not earned being political leaders.

Instead of of facing the lions of Niger Delta and Biafrans at large, Buhari decided to go for the chicks. He prefers those who cannot bite and stand their ground, the weaklings.

The list of demands is not exhaustive and it is not a true reflection of the demands of Biafrans/Niger Delta.

How can you be begging for what belongs to you.

Face Avengers/ Biafran Freedom Fighters /Nnamdi Kanu man for man and not chicks that cannot stand their ground for fear of being arrested for speaking their minds.

We want an independent Republic. Discuss with Nnamdi Kanu, whatever he says we will follow.

Conduct a referendum!!