Tips for WOW Classic Beginner

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In World of Warcraft Classic, you may want to skip over the junk when you loot an enemy’s body.

World of Warcraft Classic may (technically) be old, but it’s also complex. Everywhere you go in Azeroth, you’ll level up multiple different systems. In our first several hours, we learned a lot that we wish we’d known from the start. In this guide, we’ve compiled our best tips to help you learn a bit faster and avoid some of our own growing pains.


When you’re in an inn — anywhere you see the little “ZZZ” speech bubble above your name — you get two benefits: You can log off instantly without waiting for the timer, and you start to accumulate Rested Experience. Rested Experience is like a tiny boost to your leveling experience. When you log back in, you’ll have a small, purple blip on your bar.

Until you reach that bar on your experience gauge, you’ll earn double experience for enemies you kill. You can also accumulate Rested Experience if you’re just sitting in an inn crafting or getting up to get a drink in real life. Take advantage of this system as much as you can.


Your Hearthstone is a powerful tool that’s easy to forget about. Walk up to an innkeeper in a major quest hub — like the Crossroads in The Barrens — and ask to set your Hearthstone there. If you have to travel far away for a quest, use your Hearthstone to get you back home instantly.

Time spent running from place to place is time wasted in World of Warcraft Classic, so make strategic use of your Hearthstone. Just don’t forget that it has a hour-long cooldown, so choose the right times to jump back.


In World of Warcraft Classic, you may want to skip over the junk when you loot an enemy’s body. This is a mistake! Everything in World of Warcraft Classic has value, and every pice of copper is worth it. Pick up everything you can, and sell it back at the nearest inn or shop. It adds up quickly.

As you start collecting some cash, save as much of it as you can — even if it means not buying abilities from your trainer, especially if you don’t you don’t plan on using them while leveling.

When you hit level 40, you can learn how to ride a mount. But to do that, you also need to buy a mount (unless you’re a Warlock or Paladin, who get free mounts). Those two items together cost 100 gold, also known as 10,000 silver, or 1,000,000 copper. The riding skill alone is required for all classes, and it costs 20 gold.

Since a mount will drastically speed up your final 20 levels, make sure you can afford your mount and riding skill as soon as you hit 40.


With your newfound mission to save cash, invest in more bag space. Bags are a few silver from any general trader and increase your money-making abilities. If you add as many six-slot bags to your character as possible, you can hold more items to sell.

Without upgrading your bags, you’ll have to leave items behind if you don’t want to return to a store every few minutes. Save yourself the headache, and buy a couple bags. They’ll pay for themselves very quickly.


Not everything you pick up off an enemy is sell-only junk. Some of it’s pretty-useful-junk. When you get to a major city — Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, etc. — find a profession trainer and get to work. It costs some cash to learn a trade, but like bags, it’pay for itself.

We recommend grabbing at least one gathering profession. That would be Herbalism, Mining, or Skinning. You can hold two professions, so try to pair your gathering profession with a crafting profession. For example, pairing Skinning and Leatherworking together lets you feed your new pelts from your gather profession into your crafting profession.

Crafting is useful in the late game, but it’s also a powerful tool for making money. Not only can you sell some more powerful items to other players for a big payday, but you can sell materials or weaker items to innkeepers. If you skin a raptor and turn that raptor into shoes, the shoes will sell more than the skins, and crafting them will level up your Leatherworking.

It’s an endless circle that you should jump on as quick as you can.

Note: you may also find some profession trainers in smaller towns on your way to a big city. This’ll help you pick up your professions even earlier. So check every NPC when you get somewhere new.


In addition to the professions we mentioned above, World of Warcraft Classic has secondary professions. These are professions anyone can learn that don’t count toward the two profession limit. No matter what you specialize in, everyone has access to First Aid, Cooking, and Fishing.

Let’s focus on First Aid. You’ll pick up a lot of linen while you travel in World of Warcraft Classic. You can use that linen to create bandages and heal yourself in the field. Questing already takes a long time. If you don’t want to spend a third of your gaming time eating to regain health, use First Aid to make yourself bandages.


If you’re more familiar with modern World of Warcraft than Classic, Weapon Proficiency will be new to you. As you use weapons, you increase your proficiency with that type of weapon. The higher your proficiency, the higher your chance to hit.

Our tip here is to try and keep your proficiencies even as you level. For example, our Shaman started out with a mace, but as we leveled up, we got a powerful staff instead. Despite dealing more damage on paper, the staff was all but useless for the first several enemies — we couldn’t land a hit.

The good news is that Weapon Proficiency grows relative to the enemy your fighting, so don’t worry if you’re already far behind. We recommend keeping an eye on your Weapon Proficiency and switching to a different type of weapon if it falls too far behind. You never know what type of weapon you’ll get from a quest, so keep them as even as you can.


On your journey to 60, you’ll spend a lot of time running around Azeroth. Thankfully, there are a few ways to make the whole process less frustrating.

If you hit Num Lock on your keyboard, your character will auto run in whatever direction you’re facing. If you’re running through a flat zone like The Barrens, you can actually create a chance to get up and get a drink without losing progress.

While you’re running, it’s worth mentioning that you should stay on the road as much as possible. Enemies tend to stay away from the roads, meaning you can avoid some high level fights if you’re in an area you’re not supposed to be or in a rush to get somewhere.

With these tips you’ll hopefully avoid some of our frustrations on the way to level 15. But everything in this guide will serve you well all the way to level 60. The guide can make you level up fast in vanilla World of Warcraft, Safe Place to Buy WOW Gold to help you level up fast in vanilla World of Warcraft Classic and enjoy your game.