How to write an article on the new Nkoli blogging system.

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This is an explanation of how to write and submit an article on our new blogging system. Advantages are also mentioned.

Today, 12th of April 2017, launched a blogging system that is exceptional and mixes with the timeline content to achieve a greater reach of our fast growing community. What makes our system exceptional is the way it was designed and how it works. The flexibility that Nkoli blog allows you is unlike other Social media networks. The editing interface is superb and filled with many options including colours, headings, inline images, tables, bullets, links, preview and videos. You can also use similes/emotions like cool. Another good feature is the Word count that helps you know how many words that you have typed.


When you publish your article on, you will be able to see how many times it has been read. You can also share this to other websites or social networks like Facebook. Anyone with a Facebook account can comment on your published article and in that way, you will be able to receive feedback about your write-up. While that is possible, members of our Nkoli community will also make comments on your shared article captured by our news feed.


The article that you publish to Nkoli blog must meet up to the Nkoli community standards found here.


This instruction is for those using Desktop computer but can useful to mobile users.

    • To begin, while on's homepage, click on "My articles" from the left side of the page. See picture below:How to post an article on Nkoli


    • Click on "Create new", the image above will appear.


    • Give your article a "Title" and a "Description". Put some content as you wish.


    • Add a thumbnail. Be creative and make it give the right impression to the topic of your article.


    • Select a suitable Category.


    • Add some Tags to help search engines find you article easily.


    • Finally, hit that Publish button and you are good to go.

Now you can start sharing your nice article using the buttons below the article. Visit Nkoli blog by clicking on "Blog" as shown in the image above and find your article. Start writing and publishing articles on Nkoli blogging system today. Tell people about that story that you have always wanted to share.